About the Author

Martina André, born in Bonn in 1961, is a German author who writes under a pseudonym rooted in her great-grandmother's Huguenot heritage. She has published a broad range of literary works, spanning from historical novels to science fiction love stories.


A significant part of her work is the Templar series, following the adventures of Gero von Breydenbach across six volumes: "Das Rätsel der Templer" (The Mystery of the Templars), "Die Rückkehr der Templer" (The Return of the Templars), "Das Geheimnis des Templers" (The Secret of the Templars), "Das Schicksal der Templer" (The Fate of the Templars), "Das Erbe der Templer" (The Legacy of the Templars), and most recently, "Die Prophezeiung der Templer" (The Prophecy of the Templars). The first volume of the series, "Das Rätsel der Templer," has been translated into English and is available under the title "Mystery of the Templars."


In 2019, Martina André launched the RoboLOVE series, marking a shift towards science fiction romance novels. This series has since been published in Dutch, Finnish, and English.


André's other works include "Die Gegenpäpstin" (The Female Counter-Pope), "Schamanenfeuer. Das Geheimnis von Tunguska" (Shaman Fire. The Secret of Tunguska), "Die Teufelshure" (The Devil's Whore), "Totentanz" (Dance of Death), and "Flamme von Jamaika" (Flame of Jamaica).


Currently, Martina André lives with her family near Koblenz, Germany, and in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her work covers a broad literary spectrum and provides insights into various genres and thematic areas.