About the Author

Martina André was born 1961 in Bonn, Germany. Her French sounding Surname is a pen name, derived from the Huguenot ancestry of her great grandmother. In 2007, Martina André wrote her first book "Die Gegenpäpstin" (“The Counter Popess”), which immediately became a bestseller. Her second novel "Das Rätsel der Templer" (“Mystery of the Templar”followed the same year and remains popular in Germany, Switzerland and Austria even ten years later, where it can still be found at the top of the iTunes and Audible audiobook charts. Recently, Martina André has published the fourth instalment in the Templar series, which revolves around Knight Commander Gero von Breydenbach and his Templar brethen.

The English version of Mystery of the Templar will be released in early 2018.