Mystery of the Templars

France, 1307.


As the French king calls for the annihilation of the Knights Templar, young knight Gero embarks on a secret mission. In his rucksack, he carries an ancient artefact that will save his Order from extinction. Unbeknownst to Gero is the secret that the artefact holds: the ability to travel through time. But before Gero can complete his mission, an unexpected clash with a gang of bandits transports a wounded Gero and his young squire into 21st century Germany. When Gero awakes, the first person he sees is Hannah, a bookstore owner who studied Middle High German in college. With its blinding electric lights and the monstrous flying machines they call airplanes, the modern world proves too much for the medieval knight to bear. Worse, nobody apart from Hannah seems to speak his language, leaving him utterly isolated in an alien land. With the Knights Templar seemingly gone, is Hannah his only hope?


Determined to return to the past and rescue his Order, Gero teams up with Hannah and a pair of rogue scientists to unravel the truth. As they dig deeper, they discover a deadly trail of conspiracy and deceit: a German professor who works for the American National Security Agency (NSA) has been conducting a series of illegal experiments that may have caused Gero’s impossible appearance in the present. Despite the dangerous web in which they have become entangled, Gero slowly begins to adjust to his new world with Hannah by his side. Eventually, one thing becomes clear: since the day he became a Templar knight, Hannah has been the only woman to challenge his oath of celibacy. If he somehow succeeds in returning to the Middle Ages, will he be forced to give up his new love for his brethren?


Mystery of the Templars is for fans of the Outlander  series by Diana Gabaldon and The Hangman's Daughter by Oliver Pötzsch. Author Martina André has woven an enchanting adventure of valor and intrigue. Referencing actual towns, historical landmarks, and authentic family names, André has tirelessly researched the Knights Templar and the legends they inspire.



The English version of the best-selling novel »Das Rätsel der Templer« by Martina André, translated by Yan An Tan. 

Yan An Tan obtained her Bachelor of Arts in German Studies from Wellesley College, USA, where she conducted her honors thesis research on contemporary multilingual literature in Germany.  She also spent a year abroad as an exchange student in German Philology at the Freie Universität Berlin, where she took classes in medieval, Baroque, and 20th century German literature.


Release date: February 2018

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